About us

Thanks to an interesting twist of fate, we are privileged enough to live in an era of turbulent information age.

Many of the software manufacturing companies keep promoting the concept of creating complicated and cumbersome software products. The explanation is simple - the harder is to learn how to use necessary product the more learning courses can be organized and charged to the clients. The more cumbersome a product is - the more reasons to convince clients to subscribe for the customer support. In our understanding it is a twisted marketing policy. A good software product must help client resolving their tasks and issues, not creating problems on client side.

Out creative team:

Alexander Nikitin M.Sc.

Alexander creator of DBRaptor has more than 25 years of experience in database and software development and support as well as geological research and technical consulting in data management. He has deep knowledge of how to organize information using the most efficient database design, to quickly identify and resolve customer problems with data, and improve the productivity of existing database solutions. He holds M.Sc. in Geology from Moscow State University and a certificate in relational databases from University of Calgary.

Dmitry Zuev
Senior Software Developer

Dmitry has more than two decades of experience in design, implementation and development of technically sophisticated applications using Microsoft Technologies, C#, C++, Java, three tiered architecture and more. His drive is fueled by proficiency in Delphi, object modeling technologies and application of life cycle management, a deep understanding of complex systems, as well as the importance of customer needs. Dmitry's extensive experience and passion for IT aid him in the creation of technical solutions that improve scalability, project performance, and profits of our clients.