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The idea to write a compact and useful program for private contractors and small businesses came up after seeing the work of private experts. A significant number of professionals working with clients and issuing quotes and invoices considers that it is not worth wasting time on all sorts of gadgets and record a contract information and version of quota or a work plan as discussed with the customer to a computer or any electronic carrier. Most often this task is being bypassed manually by filling a variety of paper forms.

It is a norm if you create a copy of the quote and and hand it to the customer for verification and confirmation. While everyone understands that the computer version looks much more readable. It happens that the customer calls back and specifies requests to add or delete some positions in a contract. It is basically impossible to take into account and to update all these nuances on a primary paper version. Rewriting is a waste of time and earnings.

However, if this information is initially systematically preserved and stored in a convenient electronic form for further analysis, its value to the owner of the business grows significantly. So there exists an optimal solution making life easier for small businesses - CitoQuotes - Quick quotation.

The solution is absolutely nonsecretive - professional should consider a few variables, it is not rocket science and even algebra. First, he makes a list of its own services, evaluates each item per hour of work, and secondly, enters information into a simple database. The list of raw materials purchased and available for job, and, of course, puts background information about company registration details. While contractor keeps collecting more and more information about processed contracts the value of the gathered information will pay off handsomely.

Main menu form of the application

Review of quotes and invoices

While keeping the history of orders and execution of works, the contractor gets a great marketing material for analysis when developing an optimal sales strategy of its services. The data can be easily filtered by different fields, for advanced features you can export the contents of tables in Excel, and use the full power of excell spreadsheets for business analysis in the future.

When filling quotas or invoice in the interface of the program provides various flags and the window for entering the coefficients are automatically calculated results of the amount of taxes and discounts.

If you look at the screenshot below - form of quota, you can see an input panel for entering group of records with the date of the beginning and the end. This is done for the convenience of splitting of complex orders, including the various operations and services into stages of work with the work stipulated deadlines. Thus, this application "magically" transformed into a mini-project manager, that is, it is not just an electronic form of quotas or statements of accounts, as well as an indispensable tool for the daily management of their business at a nominal level.

Quote detailed view and editing form

The figure shows a screenshot option to print quotas for the client. It is clearly evident partitioning project into stages, and breaking down used materials and serives in each section .

Printing document or saving it into PDF

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