Have you gathered a lot of non-structured data files?
A unique system DBRaptor for quick
migration of business information into databases
Advantages of DBRaptor:
To work with our product you don't need deep computer education
Our software application has user-friendly interface, and users with minimal computer skills can easily handle it
Almost instant migration of historical information into databases
Very short period for migration of historical information into relational databases
Reducing expenses up to 90%
No need to hire expensive consultants
Can be used in difficult cases of data migration
The software helps to overcome challenges in a very complicated incoming data structures
Self sufficient stand alone application
Does not require installing additional software and database platforms on workstations, operates autonomously without network
Scailable and multifunctional
Processes multiple (up to severeal thousands) files per session, allowes to parse files and distribute them by catalogues
Works with different formats of initial data
It handles following formats of incoming files: TXT, CSV, XLS, TAB, Space and Char-delimited, LAS

Video demonstrates functionality of the program
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Price for 1 license:
$ 487
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